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Tangly Mangly Mane / La Despelucada


Determined or stubborn? One little girl learns the difference when a mother bird confuses the girl’s uncombed and tangled hair for a great place to nest and hatch eggs.  Also available in French-English


How Do You Open A Coconut? / Como se Abre un Coco


Solving problems is a snap when jungle animals work as a team. More importantly, sharing is fun.


Surprise in the Soup / Sopresa en la Soap

Do backyard frogs make good pets?

Tempting as it may be to keep them indoors, one little girl learns to see things from the frog’s point of view after the frog jumps into her soup.

Together is Better / Juntos es Mejor

Rivalry, whether between siblings or friends , is overcome when these two siblings discover the advantage of cooperation to achieve a goal and the joy of sharing the rewards.

Are Mice Nice?


Decide for yourself if mice are house pests... or not.

These very winsome characters make a humorous and convincing case to defend their reputation with concrete examples.  Readers will ponder, animal lovers will cheer, and all will delight in their antics. 



Yes, We Can / Querer es Poder

Learning new things is challenging for these lively children until each in turn learns to pay attention and practice, while being patient and brave, even asking for help if needed.

Backyard Adventure / Viva la Adventura

Sibling dispute is resolved when one sets off on a solo- adventure while the other cleverly remains undetected but amuses herself by creating a series of clues for him to follow.

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